Grizzlies TEAM UP Initiative

TEAM UP with the Grizzlies Mentoring Initiative Campaign

Youth mentoring is a top priority because of the evidence of its effectiveness in helping young people. Our support of youth mentoring includes funding, mentor recruitment and recognition, public awareness, training and program development and assistance.

  • Mentor Recruitment and Referral
  • A large component of the Grizzlies Foundation’s support of mentoring lies in generating awareness for the need of mentors tied with the ability to refer volunteers to programs vetted according to national standards of quality. Whether providing information in public forums or through this website, the Grizzlies Foundation can refer volunteers who complete a mentor interest form to a program which will fit their schedule and interests.

  • TEAMmates: A rewards club for mentors
  • The Grizzlies Foundation has ongoing communication with and creates opportunities for recognition for with mentors who join TEAMmates. Mentors in good standing with approved programs can join this club at no cost and receive invitations to special social events, training and development opportunities and free or discounted tickets to Memphis area attractions. Through joining TEAMmates, mentors can see the growing community of adults working to help youth and the collective benefits gained thanks to their efforts.

  • Training and Technical Assistance
  • The Grizzlies Mentoring Alliance (GMA),formerly the Memphis Mentoring Partnership, a network of mentoring programs housed within the Grizzlies Foundation, provides aid in developing quality mentoring programs based on nationally agreed upon standards of effectiveness. Additionally, the GMA supports partner programs by offering periodic trainings conducted by experts on subjects relevant to mentoring such as: bullying, gangs, drugs, building confidence, etc.

  • Developing Models of Mentoring
  • Working with the National Mentoring Partnership, the Grizzlies Foundation developed a Team model for mentoring based on previous group mentoring models. This program matches three adult mentors with a group of nine students at two Memphis charter schools. Evaluation and refinement of this program will enable this model to be used on a larger scale in the future.

  • Partnership Development
  • The Grizzlies Foundation continuously works to reach out to corporations, civic organizations and other community groups to develop partnerships. Whether recruiting volunteers from within these organizations or finding other means for cooperation, the aim is to ensure youth in Memphis have an adult they can call their mentor.

  • Funding
  • The Grizzlies Foundation provides funding to select non-profits to help them build effective mentoring programs. Assistance to programs extends beyond funding to hands-on consultation in program development.

    The Memphis Grizzlies Charitable Foundation is committed to serving Memphis youth through education and mentoring.