Grizzlies Prep

The Memphis Grizzlies are pleased to support Grizzlies Preparatory Charter School which will welcome its inaugural class of 75 young men in the fall of 2012.

Educating young men in grades six to eight, Memphis Grizzlies Preparatory Charter School prepares all students to excel academically and demonstrate integrity. Within a rigorous and structured middle school, students become equipped for success in high school, college, and life.

Scholars, who hail from elementary schools throughout Memphis, embody the core values of excellence, integrity, courage, commitment, responsibility, and grit so they will be prepared for success in college, career, and life.

The school hires expert teachers who have a proven track record of success and lead their scholars to high levels of academic achievement.

The Grizzlies Prep program offers an extended school day with a literacy-infused college preparatory curriculum including double blocks of Math and English Language Arts. Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, and Crew, a small group mentoring class, are also offered daily. Students have the opportunity to choose from Art, Music, Theater, and Gardening as their Elective class, and once a week Grizzlies Prep hosts a school-wide Reader’s Advisory Program in which men from the community read in small groups with Grizzlies Prep Scholars.

In addition to financial support, the Grizzlies Foundation and Memphis Grizzlies will facilitate unique partnerships, opportunities and experiences in support of the school’s mission and to ensure all students’ success. Grizzlies Arena Operations staff have assisted with the facility’s engineering, maintenance and painting needs, having contributed dozens of hours of labor to prepare for the July 2012 opening. Meanwhile, Grizzlies Marketing and Communications staff have provided extensive guidance and donated creative services to develop the school’s branding and communications strategy.

Grizzlies Prep has collaborated and partnered with many Memphis organizations that have generously offered to enhance the school’s programming and provide unique opportunities to Grizzlies Prep scholars. These partners include the Downtown YMCA, Calvary Church, and Memphis Athletic Ministries. In addition, local companies including ServiceMaster, Agape North, and Doug Carpenter & Associates have generously provided services that will yield great benefits to students, school staff and teachers and all who walk the halls of Grizzlies Prep.

Through the hard work and dedication of the talented Grizzlies Prep team, the school will achieve its mission of all students excelling academically and demonstrating integrity.

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The Memphis Grizzlies Charitable Foundation is committed to serving Memphis youth through education and mentoring.