Duncan-Williams Partnership

Grizzlies Foundation TEAMs UP with Duncan-Williams, Inc.

From inception, the Memphis Grizzlies Charitable Foundation has taken pride in the many partnerships we’ve developed and nurtured in the interest of bringing mentors and opportunities to kids in our community. The strengths, expertise and resources of many ensure Grizzlies TEAM UP is a sustainable and strategic initiative that, ultimately, gives kids the human capital they need to succeed.

In January 2012, we reached a new milestone in our partnerships: Duncan-Williams, Inc. has joined us in our mission to put volunteer mentors in the lives of kids: Duncan-Williams has become the title sponsor of Grizzlies TEAM UP.

Duncan-Williams, a Memphis-based brokerage and investment banking firm, has not only made a financial investment in Grizzlies TEAM UP; the company has launched a corporate mentoring effort to engage employees and their families in mentoring.  They even offered employees the opportunity to mentor during work hours. We in the basketball world like to call it a “time out” to mentor, making sure time is not a barrier to participation.

The Grizzlies Foundation and Duncan-Williams, Inc. share a commitment to providing strong role models, leaders and coaches for youth primarily trapped in inter-generational poverty. It’s one of the best investments you can make.

Duncan F. Williams, CEO, shares, “As corporate and private citizens of Memphis, we understand the role that we play in fostering a better community. In discussing how we could make a significant difference in the community, we realized that working with our city’s youth through mentoring initiatives would make a positive impact today and for years to come. Through the Grizzlies Charitable Foundation we found the ideal vehicle to help us achieve our goals by becoming the presenting sponsor of the Grizzlies Team Up Mentoring initiative.”

Duncan-Williams is leading the way for others in the private sector. This investment of financial support, employee participation and advocacy will yield great things for our kids and community.

Grizzlies Foundation Executive Director, Jenny Koltnow adds, “Good partnerships are less about pursuing the goals of individual partners, and more about defining new collective goals. We couldn’t be happier—or more optimistic—about the growth and expansion of mentoring made possible with Duncan-Williams’ support.”

On behalf of the young people in Memphis whose lives will be enriched by caring mentors, and on behalf of the many programs served by your employees and associates, we thank Duncan-Williams.

To learn more about Duncan-Williams, Inc., visit www.duncanwilliams.com.

The Memphis Grizzlies Charitable Foundation is committed to serving Memphis youth through education and mentoring.