The Foundation

The Memphis Grizzlies Charitable Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Memphis Grizzlies. Through charitable grantmaking, initiatives and outreach, it serves Memphis youth through education and mentoring under the TEAM UP campaign.

More than $28 million has been contributed to nonprofit organizations in the city of Memphis. Tens of thousands of young people have benefited from the Grizzlies Foundation’s generosity, resulting in new facilities, programs and outreach. 

Beyond the cash contributions, what distinguishes the Grizzlies Foundation among other professional sports teams’ foundations are the partnerships created and cultivated with each funding partner.  A relationship is born with each donation, and when combined with ongoing, hands-on involvement, has achieved significant outcomes.

The Grizzlies Foundation facilitates player and coach involvement; provides promotional support, volunteer training, special event and technical assistance; facilitates ticket donations; and creates programs that address partners’ needs. Engaging these individuals and resources enables these organizations to maximize the grants they receive.

The Memphis Grizzlies Charitable Foundation is committed to serving Memphis youth through education and mentoring.