Why Memphis Loves its Grizzlies: Article on ESPN.com

Posted by Eric Bleier on May 16, 2011

Memphis fans believed in this team

Memphis fans believed in this team

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What do the Memphis Grizzlies mean to Memphis? LZ Granderson answers this question

There have been plenty of articles in the local and national news discussing the Grizzlies of late, and I have read most of them because like the rest of Memphis I was swept up in the enthusiasm for the team. Certainly because of the playoff run which was as exciting to watch and participate in as perhaps anything else I have experienced.

But there was something about this team that spoke to me and the rest of the city I dare say. This team played with effort and hustle, or “heart, grit and grind” if you prefer. During the series with the San Antonio Spurs I saw homemade shirts that said “Go Flop Yourself Ginobli.” That told me these fans want points to come from hustle and hard work, not from flopping, diving or faking to get a foul call.

I recommend everyone read this brilliant article from ESPN.com’s LZ Granderson about how the history of Memphis shaped the fans to make us uniquely ready to adopt this team.

I have read a lot of articles about the Grizzlies this season and this one spells out why Memphians from the average fan to the ownership to a former player all love these Grizzlies.


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