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Posted by JD Graffam on July 19, 2010

Over the next 12 months, MENTOR will continue to work to pass the Child Protection Improvements Act (S. 1598/ H.R. 1469) to create a permanent background check system for youth serving organizations to check potential volunteers and employees.  This legislation would ensure that checks are done in an affordable and timely manner, and help ensure that mentors are safe and appropriate. 
While MENTOR will continue to work on this from the national office, they need your help.  Please click on the link below to contact your Members and ask that they pass the Child Protection Improvements Act immediately:

The Child Safety Pilot, SafetyNET has now been extended through March 31, 2011, and will allow mentoring programs to screen prospective mentors only.  Background checks on employees cannot be processed through SafetyNET.  This program has been offered through MENTOR/The National Mentoring Partnership to enable mentoring programs to conduct full fingerprint background checks at a substantial saving. If you are already participating and want to check the status of the fingerprint cards that you submitted, please log into your SafetyNET account at

If you are interested in adopting SafetyNET for your criminal background checks, you can find more information about the program on that link as well.


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