Mentor Voices: Grizzlies TEAM Mentoring

Posted by Eric Bleier on July 02, 2012

Team mentees enact their skit about their key value in life

Team mentees enact their skit about their key value in life

Joe Murphy / NBAE / Getty Images

50 mentors in 50 days: We show you testimonies of TEAM Mentors and why they mentor

Why do they mentor youth through the Grizzlies TEAM Mentoring program? How do they define mentoring?

Freddie Norman answers the first question thusly, “I’ve learned to listen to young people again. Before I wasn’t really listening, I was just looking at them, now I’m able to listen to them and help guide them to a better outcome of their lives.”

Yvette Washington says regarding the second question, “Being that person they can come to and confide in, talk to, get guidance from, so (being a mentor has) been a lot of things.”

Watch this Youtube video to see the rest of their responses and others. Like the video, share it and most importantly, if you are interested in joining a team, fill out our application and we’ll contact you.

Support our 50 mentors in 50 days by passing this link or others along to friends and colleagues who may be interested.


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The Memphis Grizzlies Charitable Foundation is committed to serving Memphis youth through education and mentoring.