Mentor Monday honoree: Kia Pryor

Posted by Joel Katz on February 08, 2011

On Monday, January 31st the Memphis Grizzlies Charitable Foundation recognized Kia Pryor as its Mentor Monday honoree. Kia was recognized on the Grizzlies home court during halftime for being an exemplary mentor to Tiffany through the Youth Villages mentoring program.
Kia’s decision to mentor came from a strong desire to reach out and serve as a positive role model, to “give Tiffany someone to look up to.” Mentoring to Kia is all about “being able to support, show love, be dedicated and committed, and give from my heart.” As she continues to build this relationship with Tiffany, Kia has realized that just “being there for her” can mean the world.

When they are together, the pair enjoys a variety of fun activities. “I enjoy being able to spend quality time with Tiffany. We enjoy going shopping at the mall, going bowling, going to the movies, and going out to eat at a restaurant.” Tiffany certainly appreciates all of the kind gestures and as Kia points out, “what I get out of it personally is just seeing a big smile on her face and knowing that she is happy. This lets me know that she understands that I am here for her.”

There are many other young people like Tiffany who are in need of a positive adult influence in their life, and Kia urges more people to get involved. “There are so many children and teens who needs love, words of encouragement, guidance, support, a listening ear, and just for you to give them your undivided attention. Mentors help to change lives of so many children and teens. You will be considered a leader because they will look up to you.”

While those who volunteer as mentors do it for the benefit of the child, oftentimes it is the mentor who gets a tremendous reward from the relationship as well.

Kia adds, “Mentoring is the best thing that I could ever do, and I wouldn’t give up on it for any reason.”
If you are interested in getting involved with mentoring and helping a young person, the Grizzlies Foundation will help you find opportunities for you to do so.

Please visit to fill out a Mentor Interest Form and start the TEAM UP process.


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