Martha Jackson describes her experience as a MCS CONNECT Mentor

Posted by Eric Bleier on July 11, 2011

Martha Jackson with her mentee

Martha Jackson with her mentee

Martha J. Jackson has been a mentor with the Memphis City Schools CONNECT Mentoring Program since 2008. She had just retired from Memphis City Schools and strongly wanted to be able to give back to the community and make a positive, productive difference in a child’s life.

“My mentee told me that she enjoyed meeting with me each week because I was a person that offered a lending ear that she could discuss things with, good or bad and that I offered helpful, positive options of handling situations,” Martha noted.  “That really made my year! “

In addition to being a volunteer mentor, she is a strong supporter of mentoring, encouraging other adults to get involved. “There are so many children in this city who need positive directions and positive role models.  You can be that person and make a positive, productive difference in a child’s life, one meeting at a time,” Ms. Jackson continued. “And if you are a parent, it gives you a second opportunity to right some of the information that you wish you had shared with your own children!”

Martha didn’t hesitate to talk about the impact the time she has spent in mentoring and the relationship with her mentee had on her life.  “My mentee is an athlete and I attended her games.  Looking in her face, seeing the approval and hearing her thanking me for supporting her, listening intensely to my praises and constructive criticism (I am a former athlete myself) of her performance just gives me the ‘warmest, fuzziest’ feeling.  All this validates that I have an additional purpose and that I am meeting my goal in making a positive impact in this child’s life.”

You can make a difference as a mentor with CONNECT or another program. Fill out an interest form and we will recommend a mentoring program to you.


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