Grizzlies Team Mentoring Service Project Finale

Posted by Joel Katz on April 16, 2013

We Are Service Champions! Power Center Academy High School Scholars Celebrate.

The seven Grizzlies Mentoring TEAMs at Power Center Academy High School have successfully completed their semester-long challenge: the development and implementation of a Service-Learning Project.

The Grizzlies Foundation is grateful to seven incredibly helpful, compassionate and generous community organizations that aligned with each team and helped facilitate this experience. The following organizations have been invaluable to the Grizzlies, our mentors and our scholars for the past 12 weeks: MIFA, Mid-South Food Bank, Salvation Army, Clean Memphis, Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, The Church Health Center, and SpeakLIFE Society.
Each weekly mentoring session tasked the teams with completing various components of the project like doing research on their service issue, identifying a beneficiary of service, creating a community awareness and/or education campaign, and developing their project plans. These 9th and 10th graders and their volunteer mentors wowed us all with their work, creativity and dedication to the process.

The projects took many different shapes, from a Neighborhood Clean-up, Family Fun Night at a local women’s homeless shelter, and a Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Workshop, to a Garden revitalization, spoken word show about inner-beauty awareness, peer-led wellness assessment, and a food distribution to a senior community.

Their final deliverable was to develop a creative presentation that showcased the story of their experiences, community impact, and legacy. On Thursday, April 11, the mentoring teams presented their projects at the “I Am A Service Champion” Finale. It was a moving event that inspired everyone in attendance. Each team truly embodied what it meant to be a Service Champion. We are so proud of their commitment to making a difference and service to the Memphis community.

Here’s what some of our mentoring scholars had to say about their experiences:
• “I learned that I should participate more with my community.”
• “I realized the importance of helping people realize their inner-beauty.”
• “It makes me think about how valuable Memphis is to me.”
• “People need to be aware of what they’re doing to the environment, and just do the right thing.”
• “There are a lot of people that need help that are unable to help themselves.”
• “It makes me want to participate more in helping my community.”
• “I realized there are great things happening in Memphis!”
• “I love volunteering!”

Recruitment to be a Grizzlies TEAM Mentor for the 2013-14 school year is now underway. You can get involved by filling out a TEAM Mentoring application. The school year does not start until September, but submit an application today as slots fill up fast!

Congrats again to all our Grizzlies TEAM Mentors and scholars!


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