Grizzlies Foundation supports growing career-oriented mentoring in Memphis and across the country

Posted by JD Graffam on April 04, 2012

Grizzlies Foundation Manager offers support to an innovative national project promoting career-oriented group mentoring

While perfect Florida weather and balmy ocean breezes dominated the landscape outdoors, Grizzlies Charitable Foundation Manager Alayne Shoenfeld and mentoring colleagues from five other states spent three days in intensive training sessions for C-CORE, a project of the Home Builders Institute (HBI) supported by MENTOR/The National Mentoring Partnership. Through a series of programs operating in 11 states across the country, C-CORE (Construction Coaching Opportunities to Reach Employment) matches adults with teams of three young people to explore the many options and opportunities for careers in the home building industry.

The HBI/MENTOR collaboration was created to strengthen career-oriented mentoring programs by providing mentoring professionals with expertise in new mentoring and evidence-based practices. Alayne was tapped by MENTOR to serve as the TA provider for program sites in the Mid-South and Southeast. Speaking during several sessions and serving on a panel, she worked with C-CORE colleagues to connect the best practices in mentoring with the career-based outcomes of the various programs. This was Alayne’s third appearance at a C-CORE conference, and she provides ongoing technical support through monthly conference calls and webinars on topics of interest to the individual programs.

The Grizzlies Foundation TEAM UP initiative is designed to connect caring adults with community youth and provide support to the Grizzlies Mentoring Alliance, a network of local mentoring organizations. The Grizzlies Foundation has been an active affiliate of MENTOR for four years and technical assistance and training are among the many services the Grizzlies Foundation offers to Alliance members.

For more information on mentoring training and technical assistance, contact Alayne at 205-1253 or


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