Grizzlies Foundation and MENTOR design group mentoring model

Posted by Jenny Koltnow on September 23, 2010

Group mentoring allows you to touch more lives while working with other adult mentors

Group mentoring allows you to touch more lives while working with other adult mentors

The Memphis Grizzlies Charitable Foundation is preparing to launch “team” mentoring in January 2011. This pilot program will begin in two local public charter schools located in the Hickory Hill and Westwood neighborhoods. By collaborating with MENTOR/ The National Mentoring Partnership, the Grizzlies Foundation is creating a format to be implemented in schools and after-school programs in Memphis and throughout the U.S. in subsequent years.

Because of the critical need for youth mentors in Memphis, the expansion of group mentoring will allow organizations to serve many more children.

The pilot programs will feature teams of three adult mentors working with groups of nine students. Weekly activities will be designed to address career exploration and entrepreneurship, health and wellness, team-building and leadership, cultural understanding and other areas supporting the schools’ values. In addition, periodic group outings to local educational and cultural events will compliment the groups’ activities.

The Philadelphia-based organization Private-Public Ventures noted in a 2006 report, “Group mentoring programs have been shown to attract volunteer mentor applicants who might otherwise, be uncomfortable with the level of intimacy and commitment needed for one-to-one matches.”

School-based mentoring has been an effective model for many years, the first test sites will be these local public charter schools serving low-income children.

Contact us to learn more about joining this groundbreaking effort or fill out a mentor interest form and we will contact you.


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The Memphis Grizzlies Charitable Foundation is committed to serving Memphis youth through education and mentoring.