Coach Lionel Hollins mentors players off the court-focuses on life

Posted by Eric Bleier on October 30, 2012

Hollins speaks with guard Josh Selby on the court, and off it

Hollins speaks with guard Josh Selby on the court, and off it

Joe Murphy / NBAE / Getty Images

Story by The Commercial Appeal Grizzlies writer Ron Tillery about Grizzlies coach Hollins

Grizzlies reporter Ronald Tillery published an article today centering on how Grizzlies head coach Lionel Hollins helps his players, and others that cross his path for that matter, to think about their lives as a whole and not just pieces of it. Hollins has been with the team, with a short hiatus, since the team moved to Memphis in 2001 and has been a mentor to players and youth in Memphis for all that time.

The article is powerful and well worth the time to read. A quick excerpt:

“Beyond the Xs and Os and a burning desire to win, Hollins aims to make a broader impact. He never misses the chance to intertwine basketball with real-life values. When he talks about the 2012-13 season that starts Wednesday at the Los Angeles Clippers, Hollins’ mantra is the same as when he took over in 2009: No matter what happens on the court, you can sleep at night if you know you did all you could every time out. That’s life.”

Read it here.


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