Child Advocacy Center educates MMP groups about child abuse

Posted by Eric Bleier on August 04, 2010

The latest quarterly Memphis Mentoring Partnership networking breakfast featured Keita Cooley from the Memphis Child Advocacy Center who gave a presentation to educate and inform MMP partners about child abuse/neglect.

The presentation was for those who already work for programs that help youth in order to help them understand the signs of abuse and also their role in reporting it.

The group learned statistics about child abuse and the definitions for the different types of abuse: sexual abuse, physical abuse, domestic abuse, emotional/psychological abuse and neglect.

The Child Advocacy Center can provide educational speakers to any group who would like to learn more so they have the knowledge and resources to help if they suspect a child has been abused.

Tennessee law mandates that ANY adult who has “reasonable cause to believe” a child is being abused report it to the Department of Child Services or to law enforcement. Failure to do so could result in a misdemeanor crime, jail time and fine.

That said, the question isn’t who wouldn’t report it if they suspected it going on. The questions that were asked had to do with how reporting suspected abuse to authorities would affect the relationship between the child and the person reporting.

Ultimately, reporting suspected abuse is necessary to protect the child, and the take-away lesson was that if you suspect abuse, chances are that you are right.

For more information on inviting a speaker or for resources about child abuse visit the Memphis Child Advocacy Center.


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