TEAM Mentors try their hands at some Taekwondo

TEAM Mentoring kicked it up a level this past week when mentors Mike McGee and Carlos Taylor gave the students and mentors a Taekwondo lesson.

McGee, a Taekwondo Master and fifth degree black belt, and Taylor, a former Taekwondo champion, ran a session that looked like it could have taken place in the Cobra Kai dojo with the students sitting on the floor listening to their instructors give direction and responding “Yes sir!”

The purpose of the session was to learn about goals. Goals are something that you want and that you are willing to work hard for. They identified steps to achieving a goal:

1. Set your goal
2. Picture your goal
3. Work toward your goal
4. Accomplish your goal

The lesson was capitalized by TEAM Mentoring coordinator Joel Katz breaking a board in front of the class! Check out the video!

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