First name of mentee: Meta
Years serving as mentor: 1.5
Job: University Administrator

“I have served as an Adopt-A-Team coordinator for the last four sport seasons with a team at MAM-Brinkley Heights. This has been a welcome ‘revisiting’ of years of sports teams that my two grown sons were on. The informal setting of supporting ‘my’ MAM-Brinkley Heights team has offered many opportunities for me to mentor the youth through my serving them – cheering for their team, bringing snacks, and just showing up for them. The setting has also allowed me to involve my husband easily with the program.

I look forward to continuing my relationship with these inner city youth for many years to come. I have also come to see that loving at-risk kids can have as much positive impact on me as it does on the children (especially hugging those sweaty bodies!). And I have been very impressed with the mentoring that MAM has already done with these young men. I highly recommend this opportunity to others. It does not require a lot of time and is a way to have one-on-one contact with youth who need adult role models in their lives.”

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