Mentor profile: Cristi Okello

Mentor’s name: Cristi Okello

Organization you are a mentor with: Girls, Inc.

Why you became a mentor: I became a mentor because I realized as a young adult the gift that the women before me gave by passing their knowledge, skills and attributes to me so I must reward them and show my appreciation by doing the same with this generation.

A memorable experience with your mentee: One of my mentees changed her school attitude and behavior and the teachers were so shocked that they asked her if she had gotten in trouble at home because she was such a model student (in a very short time).  However, she hadn’t gotten in trouble but instead just had chosen to follow the path that we had discussed.  She felt so proud of her own accomplishment and I was so proud of her.

What reason(s) would you offer to other adults about why they should be a mentor?  It’s simple….our children need YOU!

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