Photo Memories of Staxtacular looking forward to Friday part 2

Posted by Eric Bleier on March 24, 2010

Good eats abound at Staxtacular

Good eats abound at Staxtacular

Joe Murphy / NBAE / Getty Images

Staxtacular 2010 is this Friday, March 26. Here’s another photo illustrating one of my favorite things about the event.

Part two of the blog lead-up to Staxtacular ‘10 of my favorite things about the event.

Yesterday I talked about how Staxtacular is one of a few times when you can talk with players, coaches and other Grizzlies personnel. I’ve worked for the team for about 4 1/2 years and I recently realized I don’t have that many photos of me and Grizzlies players. For shame! So count on me trying to get a few pictures with the hosts and others.

Another of my favorite things about the event is definitely the food. This party is much more than a cocktail party and the food proves that out. In addition to great passed hors d’oeuvres there are multiple food stations.

Perennially the sushi seems to be my favorite as well as that of a lot of other people. But when that runs out this year, there will be “gastropub” food across from a Boscos beer bar near the soul train dance floor. I’ll be there.

I’m looking forward to seeing what cuisine reigns supreme as they used to say on Iron Chef. Tickets are still available. Visit or call 901-261-6385.



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