Guest Blogger: Nancy Coffee

Posted by Nancy Coffee on February 12, 2010

We all grow under the appreciative light of those who support and encourage us.

Many of us have the great gift of being mentored throughout each day.  Spiritual mentorship, career mentorship, family-life mentorship-the opportunity to learn from someone more experienced than I-has made me who I am.  I am so grateful for all who guide me. 

As much as we need the air we breathe, every human being needs an abundance of genuine caring (both output and input) in order to thrive.  We all grow under the appreciative light of those who support and encourage us. And we grow by supporting and encouraging others.

Being a mentor at the Porter Boys and Girls club has been especially meaningful to me because I drive within 1 block of the club’s entrance 10 times each week on my way to and from work.  Porter kids are my neighbors. 

I am grateful to the Grizzlies Foundation for giving The Leadership Academy, and our entire city, the challenge to carve out time to spend with our community’s children.  Since my mentoring experience with the Porter Boys and Girls Club, I have had a child of my own. 

That is why I am especially excited about the “Team Parents” concept the Grizzlies are developing with Memphis Athletic Ministries. The chance to be in communion with our city’s kids, cheering for young basketball players alongside my husband and son, is fantastic! 

Family time is so precious these days.  What a treasure to be able to share it courtside with members of the broader Memphis family.

Nancy Coffee is President and CEO of The Leadership Academy.



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