Want to be a Grizzlies “TEAMmate?”

The Memphis Grizzlies Charitable Foundation is grateful to the individuals who serve as mentors to young people in our partner programs. These individuals devote tremendous time and energy to the well-being and social, emotional and intellectual growth of the young people they mentor.

“TEAMmates” is the Grizzlies Foundation’s initiative to stay connected to those who sign up to mentor through the Grizzlies. It’s also an effort to build a network among mentors in Memphis. We will regularly communicate with mentors, take feedback from mentors, host special educational and social events for mentors and recognize mentors’ dedication and efforts to “go above and beyond” to help young people.

Who can participate as a TEAMmate?

Any person who fills out a Grizzlies Foundation TEAMUP interest form on this website or at a Grizzlies Foundation presentation and then becomes a mentor with a Grizzlies Mentoring Alliance program may participate. In addition, any person currently mentoring with a Grizzlies Mentoring Alliance member program may opt into the program by filling out the TEAMmates application.

What is included for TEAMmates?

There are periodic social events for mentors that include, but are not limited to: happy hours at area restaurants; tickets to Grizzlies “Mentoring Nights;” opportunities to win premium seats at Grizzlies “Mentor Mondays” and “TEAM UP Tuesdays” home games; invitations to hear special guest speakers like Grizzlies coaches, players, ownership and other high-profile speakers; and passes to local attractions and restaurants.

In addition, TEAMmates will receive invitations to Grizzlies Mentoring Alliance training and educational sessions taught by experts to help mentors learn how to build better relationships with mentees.

Also, the Grizzlies Foundation will help TEAMmates host events or make presentations to recruit their friends and colleagues to be mentors. (We’ll even provide refreshments, Grizzlies items and speakers!)

Is there a deadline to enroll in TEAMmates?

There is no deadline. Join any time.

Why join TEAMmates?

Why not? TEAM UP with the Grizzlies is about being part of a team, a movement that helps kids in Memphis and offers mentors a chance to network with each other. There is no cost to join, and we provide many unique opportunities and ongoing support to make the mentoring experience even more fun and rewarding.

How to join

If you are currently mentoring with a Grizzlies Foundation program partner, please fill out this brief form.

The Memphis Grizzlies Charitable Foundation is committed to serving Memphis youth through education and mentoring.